Recovering Antiracism

Reflections on collectivity and solidarity in antiracist organising

2020 has seen antiracism movements gain momentum and push back against institutionalised racism. However, despite the progress made, individualism and fragmentation continue to undermine solidarity and to depoliticise antiracism struggles. This paper explores how we can move towards an antiracist horizon by repoliticising antiracism struggles, analysing the function of racism and organizing collectively against the structures that underpin it, and understanding antiracism as a pillar for the emancipation of the dispossessed.


Lutte contre le terrorisme et art

Comment les politiques de lutte contre le terrorisme restreignent le droit à la liberté d’expression

Jane Kilpatrick

Discours et résultats de la surveillance est un document cadre destiné à présenter les principales inquiétudes concernant l’impact des politiques de lutte contre le terrorisme, de la législation et des mesures de sécurité nationale sur la liberté d’expression, en particulier concernant les arts.


An international collective against Islamophobia.

Combating the structural drivers of anti-Muslim racism through research, advocacy, capacity building outreach and innovative visual reports from across Europe.

This project was funded by the European Union’s Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme (2014-2020).

The content of this project represents the views of the author only and is his/her sole responsibility. The European Commission does not accept any responsibility for use that may be made of the information it contains.

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