Islamophobia – A discussion on Europe

In recent decades, states have responded to racism by focusing on individualised issues around citizenship, identity and belonging, to the detriment of collective experience and solidarity. This approach has flattened out or eroded entirely the question of what it is to be Muslim in Europe today. Islamophobia across Europe is structural. It is driven by political leaders, public officials, law and policy makers and the media. Public policy, legislation, and media discourse normalise anti-Muslim racism in the public sphere and largely ignore the structural drivers that underpin systemic Islamophobia.

Despite a deeply concerning increase in racist undercurrents and Islamophobic rhetoric and attacks, coupled with an increase in support for the right and far-right across Europe, few attempts have been made to understand the origins of these attitudes and attacks, or their relationship to wider socio-political practices. In tackling Islamophobia, we must first understand it as a concrete action that is undertaken in the pursuit of certain political and social interests.

To discuss this further TNI will host a webinar on the structural drivers of Islamophobia.

4pm Amsterdam (CET), 25 November 2020

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  • Austria: Farid Hafez – University of Salzburg
  • United Kingdom: Narzanin Massoumi and David Miller, Spinwatch
  • France: Yasser Louati, Comité Justice & Libertés Pour Tous
  • The Netherlands: Nawal Mustafa, S.P.E.A.K. Muslim Women Feminist Collective
  • France: Benedicte Kurzen, Noor
  • Spain: Pedro Rojo, Al Fanar
  • Italy: Prof. Francesco Alfonso Leccese, University of Calabria.

Recovering Antiracism

Reflections on collectivity and solidarity in antiracist organising

2020 has seen antiracism movements gain momentum and push back against institutionalised racism. However, despite the progress made, individualism and fragmentation continue to undermine solidarity and to depoliticise antiracism struggles. This paper explores how we can move towards an antiracist horizon by repoliticising antiracism struggles, analysing the function of racism and organizing collectively against the structures that underpin it, and understanding antiracism as a pillar for the emancipation of the dispossessed.


An international collective against Islamophobia.

Combating the structural drivers of anti-Muslim racism through research, advocacy, capacity building outreach and innovative visual reports from across Europe.

This project was funded by the European Union’s Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme (2014-2020).

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